Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thanks new followers! Have some cookies :D

I'm so excited. I was just cruising over to make tomorrow's party post at Amara's Place blog and saw I have followers over here. You guys rock :D And you totally made me smile tonight.  I want to give you cookies.

Coooooookies :D :D

Then I have to go back and make a party for tomorrow. Cookies now, party later. Weeeeee.

(yes, I'm so busy I'm kinda losing my mind a little. Tis ok thou, it happens.)

Mmmmmm. Cookies. :D

Thanks guys. I appreciate the follows. You're awesome. Now I'm off back to the book blog to make a party post.

Later taters!


Now with cake. I shall share my birthday cake that my friend Kei gave me.

Thank you Kei.

*blows cake type kisses to London*



tracykitn said...

OK, so, yeah, it swallowed the comment I tried to make earlier. But that was before the daiquiri, so I don't remember what I wrote.

although I seem to recall something about smearing frosting, so...yeah.

Distracting, much? I think I shall just Look At Them until my bread is done and I can go to bed.


Rachel Haimowitz said...

Unf, those are some UNREASONABLY fine cookies.

Amara Devonte said...


Sorry it swallowed your comment Tracy. Stoopid blogger. It gets hinky comments sometimes. Glad you like the cookies thou :)

Lol Rachel, only the finest of the finest cookies for mah new followers. Which, btw, both of you are :D Had to give you good cookies :D :D

glad you guys liked 'em. :D

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