Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sexy Saturday Moves to My Zoo

Well, I thought since Amara's Place is all tied up with the Riptide party of awesome, I'd move Sexy Saturday over here. A week without the hotties just seemed... off.

So, along with many other things that will be moving over to this blog... let us have a Sexy Saturday at my Zoo...

Mmmmmm, that works.

Now I'm off to go back to the Riptide Party over on my book blog. If you've not been yet, you totally should check it out. Cool stuff going on and lots of giveaways too. :D

Later taters!


tracykitn said...

Can I borrow one or more of these guys to take over some of the chores the DH has been avoiding for ages? I think the combination of actually seeing them done and the view will finally tip me over the edge...:D in the best way possible, of course.

Amara Devonte said...

You most certainly may darlin'. Borrow a couple few of 'em. Just send 'em home when their done, I've got chores for them here too ;)

Thanks for coming to mah zoo blog. You totally made me smile.

Have a great day darlin'!

tracykitn said...

you too! Glad to see you (and make you smile, and all that fun stuff!)

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