Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Claymores and Hand Grenades cannot be contained

I feel all discombobulated. My fave author has a smokin' hawt new book cover and for the first time in like... ever... I don't have a place to dance and shout and go all berserk. My other blog is so blog tour of awesome full I... don't know what to do...

Feels so... wrong.

I thought I would be able to contain the claymores and the hand grenades this time. I was wrong. Well, I guess I screamed a little when I saw it last night out on twitter and over on GR, but... that hardly counts.  I have to make blog with it. HAVE TO.  So... I shall do it over here. :D

I may have issues. *shrugs* I don't care.

*does the awesome new cover that I love dance*

Behold! The new book cover of the uber fantabulous ultra awesome.

Aleksandr Voinov's upcoming book Dark Soul #3

*pets the cover*

I am drooling over that bad boy.

Cannot wait. CAN/NOT/WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew. I feel better now.

Ok, now I can go finish making blog stuff at the Place. And get ready for mah vacation. I need to do that too.

Later taters!


tracykitn said...

I am not usually that into guns, in general (My poor DH is trying, but, alas, with no success!) *BUT* I do like the juxtaposition between the gun and the lacey top of the stocking... :D

Amara Devonte said...

Sexy little cover isn't it? I'm in love with it. :D Thanks for coming by honey.

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