Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thanks new followers! Have some cookies :D

I'm so excited. I was just cruising over to make tomorrow's party post at Amara's Place blog and saw I have followers over here. You guys rock :D And you totally made me smile tonight.  I want to give you cookies.

Coooooookies :D :D

Then I have to go back and make a party for tomorrow. Cookies now, party later. Weeeeee.

(yes, I'm so busy I'm kinda losing my mind a little. Tis ok thou, it happens.)

Mmmmmm. Cookies. :D

Thanks guys. I appreciate the follows. You're awesome. Now I'm off back to the book blog to make a party post.

Later taters!


Now with cake. I shall share my birthday cake that my friend Kei gave me.

Thank you Kei.

*blows cake type kisses to London*


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sexy Saturday Moves to My Zoo

Well, I thought since Amara's Place is all tied up with the Riptide party of awesome, I'd move Sexy Saturday over here. A week without the hotties just seemed... off.

So, along with many other things that will be moving over to this blog... let us have a Sexy Saturday at my Zoo...

Mmmmmm, that works.

Now I'm off to go back to the Riptide Party over on my book blog. If you've not been yet, you totally should check it out. Cool stuff going on and lots of giveaways too. :D

Later taters!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Song of the day: King of Anything



That is all.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things that made me laugh today

I have lost my sense of humor today. I'm having one of those everything fucking sucks days. Instead of going on and on about it, I thought I'd just share some things that made me laugh in spite of the suck.

First, a continuance from my Amara's Place Miserable List thing I used to do over there. I shall do those here now. I was up to #72.

Things to be miserable about: #72 - 81

miserable 72-81

72. Mistaking an orgasm for a seizure
73. Goat’s breath
74. The Joker
75. Chasing the ice cream truck but not catching it.
76. Babysitting demonic children
77. Doorbells that play college fight songs
78. Eerily human automated voices
79. Poorly marked detour routes
80. Weird bedfellows
81. Feeling as though you’ve swallowed a wolverine.

I don't have any of those things going on this day, so.... bonus that.

Something that never fails to make me laugh... Damn You Auto Correct.

This one... pretty much makes me laugh my friggin' ass off...

A little laughter in my day.

Thought I'd share.