Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zoo Kids Update: Tub Kitty haz a name

Well, our last episode of the Zoo kids found me with new kitty, aka tub kitty. After a long weekend of being sick and playing referee between my Zoo kids, I mean... spending time with my new kitty, tub kitty finally has a name.

We tried on several. He was meant to be Thor when this plan was hatched. Thor and Loki. Thor, however, didn't fit the little doofus. We thought long and hard about Sabin. That wasn't it either. d'Artagnan was on the table for a bit, but... no. He's just too cutie patutie and doofus like for any those.

We went thru many more as well, but... nothing fit. It was actually the suggestion of Aija that sparked it. Kisa, which almost worked, or... Lapushka.

Lapushka is soooooooo the one.

Twas perfect.

Little dude sometimes reminds me of a Siberian husky pup when I look at him.  Those black marks around his eyes, the way he will cock his head sometimes, sniff around like a dog does (no clue what's up with that)...a bit of Russian for a name... perfect. A little internet searching led me to a literal meaning of "little paw" which was... perfect. And the general "sweetheart" meaning of it also...perfect.

The fact that he came to it the first time I called him by it... cinched it.

So, tub kitty is now...


Thank you Aija. :D

I'm pretty sure he just can't be any cuter. Seriously. From waking up to find a little snuggle bunny has crawled in the bed to nap with me, head on my arm and hugging me...

Or just sitting there being adorable...

Or... killin'me with teh cute while he sleeps all stretched out and purring, yes, he purrs in his sleep...

Cutest lil' dude evah. I just wuvz him.

Loki on the other hand...

Totally not happy. He just keeps looking at me like that, in a "what the hell were you thinking bringing that little thing in here to defile our home" manner he now has. And then...

Totally shuns me.

My sweet Loki has never behaved this way before. He hasn't purred, like he always does, in days. No snuggling w/me, no letting me pet him, no rolling over/flopping over on his back to get my attention and trip me, no playing, no nothing. Full blown pissy is what he is now. Kinda makes me sad. He was like a giant kitten in a tomcat body before. Not anymore.

He hates his new friend. 'pushka doesn't understand why and just lopes after him trying to get him to play.

Lapushka: Hi! Hi! Hi new friend! :D :D
Loki: *growl*
Lapushka: *stops, looks at Loki*...
Loki: *stalks off*
Lapushka: *cries a funny, chirppy, fluttery cry*...*lopes after him and tries again*
Loki: *growls*...*looks at me* Do something please!

So they go, round and round.

Sooooo not how I had hoped this would go.

As the days go on, Lapushka tries harder to make Loki play with him, Loki almost tolerates him a bit more... as long as he doesns't get too close. He at least allows him in the same room now, as long as he stays on the other side of it. I guess that means they are making progress, being in the same room is good. ish.

Poor Loki dude. Totally miserable and stressed out.

Poor Lapushka just wants to be his friend and play play play.

Little cutie patutie went to the vet this weekend too. Poor little fella. Him haz a watery eye so, fever and all, I figured I'd take him in for his comp visit to make sure he didn't have something that would infect Mr. Loki. That would be bad. Turns out he has an eye AND an ear infection. Him haz ear drops now and boy oh boy are those not fun to administer. I'm now playing tackle the kitten (he is soooo not the 2 yr old they said) and be mean to him with meds. I think Loki just snickers each time he sees that.

I didn't know my Loki was such a meanie. He really kind of is.

So goes the days at mah zoo.

The end.


Tracy Faul said...

Some kitties just don't WANT a new playmate! Or it may just take Loki a while to warm up -- I know we had one cat that sulked and shunned us for six months after we got a new kitten! (of course, that same cat ignored me for nearly a year because I moved his favorite perch to a different room 2 mos after we moved into the house...) 

Amanda Corlies said...

Loki just has to establish himself as the dom, that's all. I bet he'll come around. Sometimes this just takes longer than you expect. Lapushka is a great name, BTW!

Brenda Cothern Books said...

Awwwww I so feel your pain! My new kitty Saimhan just wants to play with my 5 year old Sabbeth and Sabbeth doesn't want any part of it! Jinx, on the other hand, who is only a year old, will play with Saimhan when she is not in her momma's (my daughter) room. But she is not out in the house enough to satisfy all of Saimhan's kitty urges! Sabbeth on the other hand, has taken up residence on our front porch and only comes inside to eat now. I miss him but it is still a step forward since for the first 3 weeks we have Saimhan I had to take Sabbeth his food on the porch. Hopefully, time will get him to warm up to the new kitty!

Alex W said...

I hope they eventually get along! It's always hard to introduce a new cat into a well-established cat-domain. Good luck!

Amara Devonte said...

I hope they do too. I've never had 2 cats before, I had no idea. Silly me. But even if they don't cozy up, I just hope my Loki gets back to being his sweet cuddly self to me. I miss him being that way. 

Alex W said...

I hope so too. Change is hard ;)

Amara Devonte said...

Hopefully he will. They seem to get a little better each day. Very little, but better is better. When I came home for lunch today they woke up from a nap and came in for a treat... and touched noses even. I was shocked! Then Loki remembered he hates Lapushka and got growly again. I think he's just trying to be a butt. lol. 

Amara Devonte said...

Thanks :D Cool name huh? I'm glad she suggested it, I never would have come up with that on my own and it really does fit him perfectly.

I think you're right. The more I watch them, Loki does seem to be doing the dom/alpha thing. Lapushka seems to do the sub thing right back too. I've never had 2 kitties before. I had no clue. lol live and learn. 

Amara Devonte said...

He was so sad when Holly dog died. I was trying to cheer him up. That kind of backfired lol. oops.

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