Friday, December 2, 2011

Meet mah new Zoo Kid... Tub Kitty :D

aka... new kitty. Let me back up.

My zoo has been minus two zoo kids for the last week. My sweet Holly girl passed last Wednesday morning, and my poor leviathan BomChickaWowWow fishie Gillie met the toilet bowl a couple days ago.

It's been a rough week to be a pet at the Place this week.

Surprisingly, tux kitty Loki took Holly's passing a lot tougher than I thought he would. It's not like they were pals or anything. Tormentor of the poor dog yes, pals, no. Seems that was his way of showing love to her. He has been searching for her constantly. He used to lay on the bed, she on the floor, and he would lean over and bat at her, then hide from view. Fun little game that. For a week, he has been crawling the edge of the bed, looking over the side for her, and howling. When he can't find her, he jumps off, runs into the laundry room where she used to lay by the door behind a box. He would run as fast as he could in there, check her spot, and howl again.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Eventually he would want outside, to pace the porch, twice, and howl.

As if I wasn't sad enough. Poor Loki missed her real bad too.

We had a sad. Big time.

Daughter and I had been thinking little Loki dood needed a new friend, but I was just waiting for him to get over being soooooo completely clingy and needy so he wouldn't be jealous. Last night at 11:00pm, daughter sent me a text about a kitty she saw at the pet store, there from the shelter. Today at lunch, I went to check it out.

O.M.G. What a little cuttie!!!!!!!!!!

We had the lady unlock his cage and over to me he came, jumped up on me and it was love.

My Place has a new Zoo Kid. Meet... new kitty.

That's new kitty when he adopted me at the store shelter.

That's new kitty at the office, commandeering mah chair.

When we got him home, he decided he liked the bathtub, leftover water and all. I thought he was just thirsty, until he began rolling in it. Seems he likes water. (which doesn't help in keeping him away from Bodhi fishie w/the squirt bottle. He just kinda looks at me like... uuuuuh, whut)

This is new kitty at home.

(ignore the scary flash eyes)

Him iz suuuuuch a little sweet love kitty! And he just purrs and purrs and purrs. And snorts when he purrs too.

that's mah new Zoo kid... new kitty, aka Tub Kitty.

Him still needs a name.

Loki hates him.

But I wuuuuvz him!!!

The end.



Aleksandr Voinov said...

Adorable! My resident cat!envy just hit a new level. And seems he's getting settled in rather nicely. :)

Barbara Sheridan said...

He's cuuuuuute ^_^

If kitty's are not getting along I heard there's stuff they should have calm them at Petco & such that should help called Feliway or Comfort Zone. Like one of those plug in air fresheners cats can smell.

Amara Devonte said...

Isn't he just the most adorable little dood?! He is seriously killin'me w/teh cute. 

He's settling in pretty good, despite Loki trying to be mean. He's at least comes out of the tub now. Lol he's not afraid of Loki in the least. Big meanie gets all puffy and growly at him, new kitty just looks at him like "uuuhh...Hi! Hi new friend! :D" 

Amara Devonte said...

Inorite?!!! And sooooo sweet too.

Petco huh? I may have to try that. Loki isn't at all pleased. He's not actually tried to attack or anything, which is good. He just keeps his distance and growls A LOT. Doesn't seem to phase new kitty in the least thou. He's just all "Hi new friend :D :D" lol just adds to his cute.  

Amanda Corlies said...

I'm so sorry for your loss of Holly and Gillie! I'm glad you found a new zoo kid who needs a home! He looks very sweet! Big hugs to you both.

Aija said...

He's so beautiful! I wish I could have a cat too.. :) And when I finally do, I will call him/her Kisa or Lapushka. *grins*

Amara Devonte said...

*gasp* LAPUSHKA! OMG that just might be it!!!! :D :D :D 

Amara Devonte said...

Thanks honey. *hugs*

New kitty definitely did much in the way of lifting my spirits and making me smile. He is just too cute for words at this point. :)

Aija said...

*beams* Glad you think so! :D

Brenda Cothern Books said...

He looks almost like the daddy of my new kitten! Does he have the 3 extra whiskers on each side of his face??? Looks like he found his favorite place to sleep too! A cute lil'snuggler!

heather keith said...

What a cutie! you should name him Flipper or The Kraken (from Pirates of the Caribbean!!!) 

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