Friday, November 25, 2011

A TSO Weekend Away

After too many suck days of late, I'm very much looking forward to some days away. Daughter and I are heading out on our yearly trip to our show and I'm pretty darn excited. A couple of days away, maybe some shopping in the big city and some oh so yummy food at our favorite spots. CanNOT wait.

Last year I took my first ever concert photos at the show, we go every year, I think this will be our 8th or maybe 9th time, I posted these over at the Place, but I thought I'd share the pics over on mah Zoo blog too.

Over the mountain and thru the snow, to TSO we go.

That's my boy Andrew singing the opening number.  Mmmm.  I love him.  

That's my man Al, just a jammin away.

Oh yeah Al baby.  Just into it!  Go Al!

That's... um...violin chick.  I have no idea what her name is.  But that chick... can play!

Mmmmm, my other boy, Angus.  Angus...ROCKS!

That would be Angus, and Al's wife.  Forget her name too.  But she is friggin' awesome at the keys!  Amazing that one is.

Darling daughter will kick my butt, but yeah, don't remember his name either.  But dude can belt one out!

That's tommy.  I love Tommy.  Dude has the deepest voice.  Love him.

Damn she's good.  Never heard anyone play like her.  They have keyboard wars with Liszt... amazing!

And...Tommy again.

Tommy and Al.  

Um... yeah, forget her name.  Awesome voice thou.  Friggin' incredible.

and so she continues

Tommy and Al.  They've been playing together for like 31yrs or something crazy.  My boys from the Bronx.  Love LOVE!

Angus... friggin jammin'!!!

Complete with fire and explosions.

Go Angus Go!  They just light that place UP!!!!

You've just never heard a jammin' violin like this!

Oh yeah, go girl.

Al...with FIRE!!!!

The end!

In case you have never heard these bad boys... a vid. Because you simply must see, MUST hear. Must.

Off to get ready. 

Later taters. 


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Aija said...

Love how you forgot every single ladies names! LOL And at first I thought Tommy was Alice Cooper :D
Thanks for the introduction! Hadn't heard of them before.

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