Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free story & New Release: Barbara Sheridan

WhooWhoo! Barbara Sheridan has a new release out today with Decadent Publishing. Go Barbara, Go Barbara!

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: contemporary, paranormal (reincarnation), erotic
Length: Short Story Part of the 1 Night Stand series

On Sale Now

For many women, having a handsome, pleasant boss is a plus; having two is twice as good. But for Kim Ryan, two gorgeous bosses is double the distraction in her job as an architect at D & K Associates. 
When Kim comes across the 1 Night Stand service she hopes indulging in the fantasy that haunts her—making love to men who resemble both her bosses—will quell her improper dreams. 
Best friends and business partners Jack DeWitt and David Imahara never could understand the sexual attraction to one another that hit them out of left field. But they enjoyed the best of both worlds as they studied then worked toward opening their own architectural firm.
Neither expected the decision to add a residential design department to their successful business would bring Kim Ryan into their offices and dredge up odd dreams of another time and place—a place in feudal Japan where they shared a passion that consumed them whenever she was around.

And if that's not cool enough right there, she's given me the prequel Personal Business as a  freebie to giveaway to wet your appetites. That.ROCKS.

Want it? You know you do. Just leave me a comment and I'll send it off to you. 

How much does Barb rock? MuchMuch. :D

Congrats on your new release Barb!


Barbara Sheridan said...

You, my dear are the Queen of What Rocks ^_^

Brenda Cothern Books said...

Oh yummy!~ Free Stories! I love prequels too! Not to mention I am a fan of Barbara's :) Send it along? bcothernbooks@gmail.com

Barbara Sheridan said...

Thank you, Brenda. I hope you like it.

Amara Devonte said...

Thanks darlin', but... I think it's you. :D

Amara Devonte said...

On it's wait m'dear. :)

Tracy Faul said...

I am willing to be intrigued... :D

Aija said...

Just from reading the blurb.. I *want* that prequel!

This is so awesome. Thank you, Barbara! :)

Mia Love said...

Oh Oh Count me in!!!!!! Thanks!

Amara Devonte said...

I shall send it straight away! :D

Brenda Cothern Books said...

Gah! Read Personal Business and all I can say is MOOOORRE!!! When we we get the rest of the story???

Thanks for sharing Amara!

Brenda Cothern Books said...

Liked it... hell loved it! Now I just need payday so I can get the rest of the story!!! Yummy!

cky wall said...

am always looking for some good authors to add to my list so I can read their books.
This sounds good.

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