Friday, August 19, 2011

Finely Friday At My Zoo: David Gandy

Change. It's inevitable I'm told.  I have much moving and shaking to do over at Amara's Place, lots of booky and bloggy things to nail down.  What's it mean? I have no real clue yet, I'm trying to learn to be... flexible.  That would so make daughter laugh if she heard me say that. I sort of have control issues. Control issues much. Um, ok, over much. :D

Anyhoo, I plan to get this blog up and running, start using it more for all the goodies I want to blog that don't or won't, quite fit over at mah Place.  I figured a good place to start with my newly forming plan... hotties. I mean really, who does want hotties.

Have you met David Gandy yet? I might love him.  I shall share him. This time.  ;)

You are welcome. ;)

Happy Friday. 

Later taters!

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