Friday, February 11, 2011

Zoo kids: the saga continues

Asleep in front of the fire
Oh, my little zoo kids, the saga continues.

It's been about 3 weeks since Mr. Tuxedo kitty Loki came home.  He's doing great, fitting right in.  That would be my little sprawler dude stretched out in front of the fire where I found him sleeping the other night.  He's so weird.  

Coolest little dude ever.

He has caught, or run off, all the little nasty mice in the place.  He totally rocks at the mouser kitty thing.  Haven't had a single mouse sighting or even a sound for a couple weeks now.  Go Loki Go.  He's my good boy, saves me from all those nasty rodents, even the icky spiders too. =)

Poor little dude had to go to the vet again today, poor guy really wasn't doing so hot when I got him.  Serious case of the ear mites that the shelter didn't quite get fixed all the way, and he needed himz shots too.  My poor dude's not feeling too well tonight, he's all curled up next to me snoozing away.  Lucky for my wallet, I think we're done with the vet for awhile.  Now I know why he was so cheap at the shelter, seems I've got a clearance kitty to go with the clearance puppy I got all those years ago.  

All my little problem zoo kids.

He does seem to be doing better.  He's putting on some weight already, the sores behind his ears are all healed up and his fur isn't falling out like it was either.  Bonus all that.

Holly dog is hanging in there pretty good.  Still jealous has hell over Loki, who exploits it of course.  

Most of her wounds are healed up, so I tried to give her a good brushing.  Poor thing hasn't been able to be brushed since the attack and is just one giant matted mess.  It's going to take many a brushin' to get that mess sorted out, but I still can't get too aggressive with the whole deal since her throat is still not totally better yet.  But she's coming along, which is so much more than the vet expected.  Yay for that.

I was all ready to post a pic of my newest zoo kid spot, the catfish.  Unfortunately... he died yesterday.  Poor spot.  Just dropped dead away.  Pretty sure I killed the poor little dude.  Sorry spot.

The other fishies, Bodhi and Gillie are growing like weeds, friggin leviathans in there.  And yeah me, the bom chicka wah wah fishies have not spawned me a school yet.  yaaaaaay.

That's about it.  Life with the zoo kids.  Loki is telling me I must stop playing computer now, as demonstrated by his attempts to crawl up on the keyboard.  Last time the little shit did that, he shut it down completely, so... time to go, he would like to be pet now.

He so owns me.

Later taters. =)

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Barbara Sheridan said...

He looks like our Pippy only not gray ^_^. Pippy is not a mouser. Pippy is a wuss, big time wuss. Silly Pippy.

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