Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Zoo...

I think I'm going to name my new blog... The Zoo.  Or something to that effect.

I'm sitting here with the strangest, cutest bunch of animals ever.  And... it's totally a zoo.  I've got my poor little old sheltie, Holly, still all shaved and funny looking, but almost all healed up from her run in with the coyote...

who is totally jealous of the cat.

The most adorable little tuxedo dude with a 'tude Loki, the new kitty...

who totally torments the dog by doing things like casually reaching out and smacking her on the butt, and acting all nonchalant like about it.

and my fishies, Bodhie and Gilly...

who chase each other around all day and keep doing their strange little dance which leads me to believe they are trying to give me a school of baby fishies.   They are... the bom chicka wah wah fishies.

Oh, and there's Raphael, my little bottom feeder that I can't ever get a pic of because he hardly ever comes out.  He's hiding in the pagoda.  He reminds me of this dude...

Dick Dasterdly.  Never did care for him much, except for when he was trying to kill Penelope Pitstop, but that was just because I hated her more.

My little zoo.  I totally love my little zoo, all my little dudes and dudettes, well, except little Raph... he creeps me out a bit.

As I sit here playing with pics and blogs and such, the dog is pouting again, the fishies are chasing each other which is rather hypnotic at times, and Loki has pushed a pillow into place next to me, sprawled out and decided it's time for a nap.

That is, as long as I don't get up... I have not been told I can move yet and he would appreciate it if I would either pet him, or just sit still, either seems to work for him at the moment.

Little dude owns me, lock stock and barrel.

And that there... is my crazy little zoo.

It's the coolest little zoo ever.

My zoo rocks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the zoo pictures. Love them. As does the mom here.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Sweet pet blog you got over her darlink! Have you stopped over to visit my "not books" blog?

It's slow but a nice place to vent and show the loves of my life - like here!

Happy Tuesday ~ Miranda

Amara Devonte said...

@Fred: Glad you liked them =)

@Sweet: Thanks. Yeah, I think I've been over there, pretty sure I'm following it. Unless that's a different one. Hm. I'd better go look.

I kinda stole the idea of making a "not books blog" from you. =) I've got so many new things in the works for Amara's Place this year, I didn't want to have the personal type stuff over there. It felt weird.

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