Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meet Loki

I have recently made a discovery that I'm not real thrilled about at all.  Turns out, I have mice.  Ewww.  Totally unacceptable.  It's not the first time I've had mice, happens quite often actually out here on the high desert where I live.  Being wilderness and all, you learn to live with the wildlife, big and small.  Add the winter cold to the equation and what do you get... mice.

Turns out, everyone wants to be warm.

The difference this time has little to do with the mice and a lot to do with my newly single status. Truth be told... I... am mouse trap challenged.  Before anyone suggests all the other methods of mouse disposal, let me just add... I am fish the dead mouse out of the walls and heating duct challenged as well.  And not to many things will turn the big bad Mamba into a screaming, flailing pink faster than a mouse.  If I still had my dining room table, I'd be one of those like you used to see in the cartoons, up on the table, screaming "eeeeek mouse!" full pink flail.

Noooo likey.

So, I decided the answer to my problem was... cat.  I thought about it long and hard, while listening to the foul little mouse creatures, and decided, yep, that's the answer.  So daughter and I headed to the animal shelter.

With no real clue what I was looking for, hoping for a fairly young and trainable critter, we walked the wall of kitty cages.  We oooo'd and aaaaaah'd and isn't he cute'd until we got to... Lucas.  A beautiful black and white tuxedo kitty.  As soon as Lucas saw us, he jumped up and started rubbing on the glass door of his cage.  It was love at first sight for all involved.

We took him out, played with him for a bit, and oh my... what a little love he was.  All sweet and snuggles, and purrs.   All I could think was, oh yeah, he's my kitty.  So we went to put him back in his cage and go talk to the people, up comes another lady.

"Oh, isn't he beautiful" she says.  "He was my first choice too..." and she moved in for the pettin'.  And I'll be dipped if poor Lucas didn't freak out completely.  Absolute, I gotta get out here, freak out.

Yep... I was his person.  And he was totally my kitty.

So, we adopted him.  And brought him home.  This... is my new kitty, formerly Lucas, now named... Loki.

He is just the sweetest little guy.  All full of love and purrs.  He has the softest, finest fur I've ever felt on a cat, feels more like a bunny or something.

Turns out, he was a stray.  Poor little fella is a bit skittish, but as long as there are no sudden movements, he's good.  It took him all of about 2 hours to wander out of the bathroom, check out the dog, and make himself right at home.

He's been here for almost 2 days now.  Little dude just rocks tougher each minute.  Turns out, he is quite full of mischief and is pretty much running the house already.  He likes to tease the dog, who isn't quite sure what to think yet, but they are getting along pretty well it seems.  At least they aren't fighting, so that's good.

The fishies... I'm concerned about.  He wants those little fellas.  He wants them...bad.

And mice?  Oh hell yeah.  Seems I've got quite the little mouse hunter on my hands.  Here's hoping I still think that's a good idea the first time he catches one.  We'll just worry about that later.

All in all,  it all seems to be going well and he is adjusting better than I even thought he would.  He is just the cutest little dude ever.  Hard to get pictures of though.  Didn't take him long to figure out what a camera was, and he nooooo likey.  I did manage to get a couple today thou.

heehee... him iz to cute.  He love Love LOVES to have his belly scratched.  Rolls right over like a dog with a big full stretch...

until he rolls himself right off the window bench he has now confiscated from me.

And he love Love LOVES to play with all himz new toys too...

Poor little dude is a tad on the skinny side.  His fur covers it up nicely, but yeah.  You can tell he was a stray for sure.  So my plan...

Fatten him up... and spoil the hell out of him.

He's the perfect addition to my ever growing little zoo over here.  And I'm totally head over heals in love with him.

And there you have it.  My new little dude... Loki.



Jennifer said...

AWESOME!!!!! Loki suits him perfectly and he is so cute! He is a beautiful cat!Here's hoping he catches the mice and doesn't gross you out with them.

I had a cat in high school that was named Psycho. Yes, her name was totally appropriate to her. She would catch and decapitate mice and voles and leave them on the steps for me as presents. Quite yucky to step on a decapitated rodent first think in the morning before you are even awake yet... you wake up real fast, let me tell you... and usually the rest of the household would wake up too as a result of the scream of disgust/fright.

Go Loki Go!!!

Amara Devonte said...

heehee, isn't he just adorable! I wuvs him. =D

LOL, yeah, we had one of those kind of cats. Our last cat, Licorice, huge black tomcat. He would bring me birds. I will have to post the "brought the dead, I mean stunned, bird in the house" story one of these day. He used to bring me all kinds of wonderful gifts. That was NOT awesome.

Judging by Loki's behavior today...he is going to be quite the little mouser kitty. Here's hoping he does do what your's did. That's icky. lol, ewww. Nooooo decapitated mouse presents.

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