Friday, November 11, 2011

My blogs are not a place to...

Note to the blogoshpere:

My blogs are not a place to come question and speculate on the gender and/or sexual orientation of ANY author.

My blogs are not a place to begin listing which trans* authors are considered to be ok and/or which may not be.

My blogs are not a place to come call authors lying little shitheads and/or fuckheads.

My blogs are not an open forum to come label, or name call ANY author.

Comments of this nature will be deleted.

I am all for discussion. People need not agree with me, but this is MY blog. If you feel the need to do these things, I suppose you have the right, I at least can't stop you, but... do it elsewhere. It won't be done here.

Note:  This list is subject to grow at any time.


Kirby Crow said...

*applause* :)

Rhianon Etzweiler said...

Do you need the sign, that says "No Drama. Violators Will Be Bitch-Slapped" maybe?

Amara Devonte said...

Hi Kirby :)

Thank you. Very much.

Amara Devonte said...

Hi Rhi :)

Ya know, I thought about putting it up actually. I do have it. But since I kinda opened the drama door myself ... I opted instead for mah new little positive banner up there. :D

I like it. :)

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