Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do Over Post: Stillness

Cuz I can.

I don't like the post I just made, I don't want my Holly out here.

So I removed it, and now I call do over, I tend to do that sometimes.

I don't really kow what to post, my brain isn't working right today. I do know I don't want to be where I am right now, so I'll post where I'd rather be...

The beach.

It's called Stillness.

I wish I had that.

Don't mind me. No idea what I'm blogging about.

And don't really care.

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Tracy Faul said...


(I would also like stillness. But instead, I have a husband stuck to the sofa for then next 25 or so days, 3 kids, a large puppy...)

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