Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Amara in PA on Vaca :)

Mah trip thus far. Lots of relaxing, some reading and making photos. I shall blog later, but thought I'd share a couple of mah photos so far. :)

Now I'm off to explore some more.

Later taters!


Rhianon Etzweiler said...

They're so awesome, they could be postcards. Gonna accuse you of cheating and scanning postcards from the giftshops. =P
And of course then I'll have to run away and hide somewhere. Under mah writing desk. *clears some space*

tracykitn said...

gorgeous! Kindasortaalmost wish I was visiting the inlaws, now...

Except for the bit where they're all nutcases and...yeah, no.

Amara Devonte said...

@Rhi: LOLOL! Scanning postcards? Oh/No/You/didn't. *glares and looks all scary like* >:p You silly.

@Tracy: Thanks darlin'. Glad you liked them. :D

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