Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mistress of the Tool Belt

I have come to a few conclusions this weekend.  Bottom line… I need to quit screwing off so much.  I can't keep hiding from real life by playing on FB.

I’ve been avoiding waaaay to many things the last few months.  Important things.  Things out here in the real world, as well as things I should be doing on my blog.  It’s time to buckle down.  It’s time to also get off the social network sites.  It’s time to get serious.

I started stepping back this weekend, closed the FB some, and got busy.  I actually managed to get quite a bit accomplished too.  Even did it while really sick.  Truthfully… I’m all kinds of proud of myself.

I managed to get some neglected things taken care of around the house.  Cleaned up some, split some kindling, cleaned out the wood stove, brushed the poor dog who is matted beyond belief (first brushing since the attack, poor girl is a mess), gave the fish tank a good scrubbing...happy zoo kids all around.  Got the tools out and managed to actually figure out how to fix my broken sliding glass door, front door too.  Pretty damn proud of myself for that.  Successfully slingin’ the tools… oh yeah.  I’m pleased.  Pleased enough, I have now dubbed myself… Mistress of the tool belt. 

Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.

Today, I closed the FB again, and blogged.  Managed to get almost an entire week scheduled out… while sleeping most of the day away with a screaming headache even. 

Not bad.

I like ending the weekend with an actual list of things accomplished.  Feels good.  Been awhile since I could say that.

Yeah.  Time to step back from the FB and buckle down.  I’ve got about 1000 other things to still take care of, and a blog to make awesome. 

So here’s me… turning over a new leaf.   Less FB, more real life.  More focusing on Amara's Place too.

It’s going to be a good leaf.

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